Now an Inquisitive Nano Who Talks to Machines


Worked as an indentured servant on a trade caravan where he befriended Jacob the Willowy.

Thinks ARC is the One (or something).

When Driscoll is nearby, Nail doesn’t get his bonus to interact with machines.

Nail was once a Tough Glaive who Talks to Machines.

The Satellite

About two years before the start of the campaign, Nail awoke to find that his skin had become extraordinarily tough. Every night since then, he has had the same dream: a humanoid person speaking to him urgently in a language he does not understand. He also found that he began to suddenly understand machines that he had never before encountered.

Unbeknownst to him, Nail has been targeted by an ancient military satellite that directly augments his combat abilities and technical knowledge. The genetic criteria of the slave breeding program into which he was born are almost identical to those of an ancient supersoldier program — scanning for the soldiers it was built to augment, the satellite found Nail. The recurring dreams are, in fact, orders from an eons-dead officer in a war remembered by no one but an ancient piece of military hardware.


Upon Nail’s return from the moon, the satellite altered his skill package to that of a combat tech specialist of its day.


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