Xan Silvertongue

Now an Intelligent Nano Who Fuses Mind and Machine


Xan Silvertongue was a skillful butcher in a small village. He became interested in body modifications, and quickly became addicted to cybernetics.

Xan used to be a Clever Nano who Fuses Flesh and Steel.

A New Man

Very few know the truth: Xan the butcher has not been in control of his own body for some time. One of Xan’s first implants, unbeknownst to him, contained an AI core that embedded itself at the base of his spine and quickly took over his nervous system. What walks in Xan Silvertongue’s skin is not human. The status of Xan’s human consciousness is unknown.

All Hail the One True Hex

Xan has absorbed the Hex, the manifestation of an ancient technological virus.

Xan Silvertongue

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