Welcome to Long Beach

In which our heroes explore an underwater base and does some low-level thug work.

Entered Long Beach, which has a super-long, weirdly regular beach

Researched how to get thousands of feet underwater to follow Zaphon’s treasure map

Zaphon met street tough Harlow, who pointed him to a “wealthy philanthropist” named Dracogen

Finn attempted to chat up the locals, but managed only to misuse some local slang and get sucker-punched

Driscoll and Nail consulted the local Aeon Priests, who — through some smooth talking by Driscoll — sent them with a glowing recommendation to Dracogen, whose numenera they were repairing

Using Dracogen’s numenera — harnesses that generated spheres of air — the party reached an underground structure: a giant metal disc, with a nautilus-shaped structure atop it

Entered the nautilus, found several numenera, and fought a large shadowy cat-serpent construct

Among the numenera was a long-range teleportation cypher, which Zaphon kept

Returned to Dracogen and dropped off the numenera, as promised, for him to examine overnight

Retrieved the numenera from Dracogen, who offered the party another job: to retrieve an item that had been stolen from him: a revitalization device

Was warned that someone else was looking for the thief: a tough lady and her goons

Located the thief’s apartment on the second floor in a shady part of town

Zaphon demanded that the thief open the door while Finn attempted to kick in the door, but managed only to do the splits

Nail kicked in the door when he heard the sound of a window opening, revealing the thief and his brother trying to escape

Driscoll created illusionary flames outside the window, prompting Nail to convince the thief that the party was there to get him out of the building

Simultaneously, Zaphon charged headlong into the thief’s brother, and they both tumbled out the window

Driscoll and Finn stayed behind to look for the stolen device, looting the apartment as they went

Zaphon struggled with the brother, then attached the teleporter to him and transported him to the underwater station

Almost out of the building, the thief realized he was in trouble, and Nail attempted to restrain him, but ended up pummeling him into submission

The thief gave up and gave the party the stolen device

Nail realized the thief’s brother was missing and was horrified when Zaphon tells him what he did

Returned the stolen device to Dracogen for 50 shins and the promise of more work



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