The Inn at the End of the Universe, Pt. 2

In which our heroes find a variety of ways to end the world.

The Inn at the End of the Universe, Pt. 1

In which our heroes face a formidable (and strangely familiar) foe.

The View from the Top, Pt. 2

In which our heroes find themselves on the receiving end of a very rude gesture.

The View from the Top, Pt. 1

In which our heroes attempt diplomacy. Briefly.

A Trip to the Moon

In which our heroes do not, technically, take a trip to the moon.

Trials and Tribulations, Pt. 2

In which our heroes avoid facing the inquisitor by starting — and quickly ending — a holy war.

Nail and Xan are arrested for heresy by the Order of Truth. Enzo is nearly arrested on his way back into town, but makes a quick escape.

Xan finds himself jumping from place to place without anyone noticing his absence. He is simultaneously on the beach with the supersoldiers, in jail, with the party, and at the Order of Truth’s tower, much to his own confusion.

The jail tent in the Inquisition’s camp, the captives are quickly joined by Rynn, who has also been arrested. Shortly thereafter, an attorney hired by Dracogen arrives and uses a cypher that allows Dracogen to communicate with the captives. Dracogen tells them that he and Queen Princess Brindelonia will support them, but that there are three other nobles that they have to convince of their innocence. Dracogen outlines their three options: prove their innocence, run, or fight, seceding Long Beach from the Steadfast.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party — somehow including Xan — debates their options. Finn and the supersoldiers are ready to go to war, but some are less eager.

Trials and Tribulations, Pt. 1

In which our heroes face danger and excommunication to save a dying friend.

Remnants of the Fifth Reich

In which our heroes explore an ancient prison camp and one of our heroes loses his body.

Friendly Faces, Pt. 2

In which our heroes discover the reality of their assassin’s power.

The party attempts to rescue Hiddix from the assassin, only to discover that Hiddix is, in fact, a deadly spider-like automaton with a ray emitter in its mouth.

Soon after, the buildings of Long Beach begin to animate attack the party. As they flee, the party finds itself trapped in a strange room from which the can see Long Beach below. They are compelled to climb higher and higher in an attempt to escape.

They discover that they are in the pocket dimension under the control of Colin the Small and Uncanny, the Pinkie Finger of the Bloody Hand, a group of elite assassins.

The party also discerns that they were captured when they took the airship back from Qi. Then, moments before they escape Colin’s clutches, they remember that Nail and ARC weren’t on the airship.

Nail and ARC’s doppelgangers attack the rest of the party, who fight back and narrowly escape.

The party awakens on a small desert island with Finn. When they ask why Finn wasn’t knocked out by Colin’s gas, Finn replies, “I can hold my breath for five minutes.” The party collectively groans.

Friendly Faces, Pt. 1

In which our heroes face a series of increasingly elaborate assassination attempts.


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