Errant Jungle

The Errant Jungle is a 400-acre circular patch of jungle that has orbited in a precise ellipse in the skies near Long Beach in northern Navarene for hundreds of years. It travels at 10 miles per hour and completes one orbit per day. The tops of its hundred-foot-tall trees graze the rocks of the shoreline at noon; at midnight, the jungle reaches the apogee of its orbit, just past the edge of space. The jungle casts no shadow, though it is fully opaque.

Geography and Ecology

The Errant Jungle is almost perfectly circular, with an approximately 2,500-foot diameter. It is thickly covered in 100-foot-tall trees that form a dense canopy at approximately 90 feet above the forest floor.

Between 80 and 90 feet above the jungle floor is a zero-gravity zone. Below 80 feet, gravity pulls at normal Earth levels to the jungle floor.

The jungle floor itself is actually a tightly packed mass of vines 50 feet thick. These vines also weave between the trees at various heights, making the jungle difficult to travel through.

While the origins of the Errant Jungle are unknown, adventurers have discovered that the jungle is at least partially extradimensional. Tiny inorganic metallic filaments have been discovered in all of the jungle’s flora and fauna, though their effects and purpose remain a mystery.



The Errant Jungle is, in essence, an enormous artifact. Cyphers can be found in almost anywhere within the jungle.

The Control Core

In the center of the jungle is the control core, a 50-foot-tall metallic cylinder, to which the Errant Jungle’s vines connect. Touch panels along the sides of the core control the core’s dimensional anchor, gravitic response, and structural integrity. Maneuvering the jungle in any controlled manner has proven extremely difficult.

Errant Jungle

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